Water in Bottles dominate drink category

September 2, 2015

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Drinks and the US b0ttled soda volume rose by 7 percent last year. This puts it on track to outsell soda by 2017 according to the Wall Street Journal.Coke and Pepsi have about a fifth of the market. “The philosoopy in grocery stores and other outlets is simply “Stack it high and sell it low”. Environmental concerns about the waste from plastic bottles is a growing concern. Specialty water brands are exploding.. Real Water, Happy Water, Vitamin Water have been flooding the market. One brand Essentia is an alkaline water. Coke has SmartWater.
The margins are less so the brands depend on volume.
It is likely that more brands will enter this market and that Coke and Pepsi like they have with other brands will buy up some of the brands to reduce competition.

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