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GF Strategies Leads the Way with New Smartphone Mobile Marketing!

GF Strategies set up a successful mobile marketing program for 86 brewers at the most recent Oregon Brewers Fest in Portland. The Puyallup Fair engaged in a mobile app that offered on site food discounts to fairgoers. Two arenas used the app to build their fan email lists.

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No other tracking system for venues and special events provides year-to-year comparisons of the total number of transactions done by each vendor or point of sale location, by event, by month or by quarter. Key program metrics:

  • The number of transactions can be captured by hour, by day and by area.
  • In depth analysis to determine the root cause for changes in gross revenues, and a full analysis of details to improve operations.
  • Detailed menu analysis and comparison with other venues to determine the best strategies for working with your food operations to capture new revenues.
  • Sales information that is extremely valuable to you as the venue manager, and in more detail than captured by your food service contractor.


  • International Association of Venue Managers
  • Oregon Fairs Association
  • International Associations of Fairs and Expos
  • Outdoor Amusement Business Association
  • Western Fairs Association



Here are a few highlights from working with over 80 North American venues.

  • Year one revenue increases for every customer in fifteen years of providing the service
  • $50,000 year over year net revenue gains are not unusual at larger venues, exposition centers and fairgrounds.
  • The sales tracking process was expanded by our customers to monitor more than special events. The system is used to assist with the tracking of year round sales at many venues
  • Six of the top ten largest Expo Centers in North America use our services and continue to use our system, in some cases put in place over ten years ago.
  • Increased margins by reducing the number of food service points while increasing gross sales.

The impact:

  • Less pre-event staff time to manage contracts and paperwork.
  • Reduced energy, waste cleanup and labor costs.
  • Cleaner, less cluttered food locations and higher quality menus.
  • Expense savings and revenue gains.