GF Strategies looks at 2018 Festival Trends

With the 2017 Festival season behind us, here are a few things we expect to see at the festivals this year:

VIP will continue to grow, with more of the overall ticket mix being sold to VIP Patrons.

EDM only festivals will continue to grow. However, more emerging names will appear, rather than the big names who command major concert fees.

Everyone will be of course be engaged in enhanced security.  The use of drones to oversee security will emerge  even more this year.

Food and beverage will continue to move from the traditional concession stand model, to providing local chefs with space to provide the  VIP food experience  to the General ADmission crowd.

More cashless events will emerge.  The mobile wallet will grow, though the ability to accept payments from all systems out there will still not be in place.  Apple Pay and Square will continue to be the biggest players.

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