GF Strategies helpsSouth Carolina State Fair achieve all time food sales records

After reaching new food and beverage sales records in 2013 at the annual Fair, it was going to be a real bonus if the Fair could again top those numbers. Good news was reported at the end of the 2014 event. The sales again increased, marking an increase over a two year period of over $800,000 in new food sales. The new records were achieved through a food and beverage tracking system that was brought to the Fair by GF Strategies.
The firm was on site for both years to set up and coordinate the tracking system for the event. First year increased revenues were some of the largest in the history of the firm based on prior year sales totals. The increases were achieved with pricing at most locations staying the same, and attendance levels being in the five percent range.
The percent gain in food sales was over 16 percent in the first year, and another six percent in the second year.
The Fair will continue to use the system, in place at seven of the ten largest fairs in the nation going forward.
GF Strategies, based in Vancouver WAshington works with events to train their staff in how to implement the system.
Since 1993, the firm has worked with over 40 Fairs and over 25 large festivals to provide both this system and on site food and beverage analysis.

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