GF Strategies enters 23rd year with renewed customers

January 27, 2015

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GF Strategies, founded in 1993 as Winning Ticket Strategies with one customer, the Oregon State Fair enters its 23rd year in 2015. The company began with one venue and slowly grew from its Northwest routes to include Fairs from Vermont and Massachusetts to Oklahoma and Texas and San Diego. Events using the system include the Houston Livestock Show, San Diego County Fair, Central Washington FAir, Deschutes County Expo and many others. In all, 48 events have worked with the firm, including three of the top ten attended Fairs and seven of the top twenty five in North America.
This past year GF Strategies completed bringing the system to the South Carolina State Fair. This marked the 48th Fair, including two of the top three attendance fairs in the nation, that have been trained and implemented the GF Strategies system. One of the company’s customers, the Clark County Fair in Ridgefield Washington will be working with the firm for its 15th consecutive year.
In addition this past year marked further entry into consulting events on the use of cashless systems at their events by means of RFID bracelets and pre event loading of cash for use at the events. “This will be our focus this year, is bringing these kind of systems to major music, food and drink festivals” said company President Greg Flakus.

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