Fridays at Four Volume Nine Issue Seven

Fridays at Four
Volume Nine Issue Seven
News and Trends of Interest from GF Strategies
Finding New Revenues for Venues Food and Beverage Operations
Venue Connect Issue

There’s a saying about what are people talking about “around the water cooler”. So for this issue, here’s our look at some of the trends that attendees will be talking about at Venue Connect, combed from some of our readings and other sources.

  • This is the newest way to share photos and will likely be all over your venues via mobile phone sharing of photos.
  • Bit Torrent sites. Provide ways to digitally swipe content that you may have copyrights on, or your performers and artists may have copyright on and post it to this site without approval.
  • A proprietary ad targeting technology that Yahoo is using to allow their advertisers to build audience profiles using data on user behavior.
  • Mixed drinks with flavor infused water. This is the latest trend among mixologist. More drinks enhanced infused with fresh fruit and other ingredients. Mentioned are drinks such as a Coconut Basil Gimlet, Grey Goose Cherry Noir among others.
  • Beer brands loss of market share to spirits in recent years. Bud Light Platinum is one reaction to this loss of market share.
  • Interactive digital signage and video walls. Digital wayfinding by use of multi-touch technology.
  • Digital out of home media (DOOH) the fastest category of spending growth by major brands and advertisers. Reaching the consumer where they are at with timely information at the venue.
  • New arena signage featuring products like the capability to show multiple zones of content, create a digital canvas on which to present video, animation, graphics, scores and stats in unlimited layouts. (The Times Forum in Tampa has installed this screen system.
  • Exhibition cooking—the ability to show how the food is being prepared, do taste samplings and other ways to engage with the buyer
  • Chef cams—show live feeds on screens to those in seating areas of chefs cooking for a more dynamic experience (seen in new buildouts at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington
  • Sonic identity—what is the music mix at your venue. Music fine tuned to the roots of the chef’s cooking and the space
  • Mobile phone applications—Facebook now tracking the apps that people use via its Facebook Connect feature, and then having the ability to target ads to the phone user based on that data. How are venues mining their own fan base data. Lots, some, not at all?
  • Everything from dynamic pricing to one price pays for it all to the resell market to how and when and ever will all tickets become paperless?

These are just a few of the trends and ideas that will be talked about “around the water cooler” at IAVM Venue Connect. For more trends, visit our web site or contact us at

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