FRIDAYS AT FOUR Volume Eleven Issue Four

Four Trends we are watching
GF Strategies
Food Service Consultants for Venues and Events
Volume Eleven Issue Two February 2015

You may have noted we are changing the title of our newsletter just a bit. We have tracked trends sicne our first issue 11 years ago. Man have things changed. In our first issue we were talking about ternet, email and beginning of SEO. No Facebook pinterest, instagram or You tube.

Here are our four key trends we are watching in this issue:
Tokenization… Visa annouced its Vias Token Service. Tokens will provide greater security.
Fauxsumerist..comes frowm our attendance at the MAGic Apparel Show.. these people do not actually buy products, the just upload to their social portals. they only want to show their friends what they like and not actually own the fashions.
Trade show synergy.. Combining similar themed industry groups into one larger trade show..The NYC Textile Show ho sted three shows all in one place.
Ticket market convergence. ” we are seeing a convergence between the primary and secondary markets” says Andrew Dreskin of Ticketfly. (Business Week).

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