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Curating at Festivals was a panel. Key points made by festival producers and agents were these… Agents want to know what slots and where the artist fits in. AT Bonnaroo every act is a game and they use social media to check on likes. Many times the agent for the headliner also has an act at the bottom of the act. Before the festival bands need to do wokr to create their own product, pre event signings at record stores, At some point the festival producers predict that artists willcreate their own product pre event. Artists need to build their own fan following before the booking, to help with pre event ticket sales. What can the artist do to help get their act in to festivals. At some point, artists and festivals will figure out a way to benefit from creating a cd that is part of the artists act that night which can be paid for and either sent or picked up after the show.. its creating the experience.

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