Festivals test out cashless options

GF Strategies continues to be one of the firms that is working with our customers to help them understand and move into cashless methods of payment at events. We will be visiting the labor day Seattle festival Bumbershoot, and looking at the current payment methods and ways to move more into cashless purchase while at the event.
Whether it is a cashless wristband, a card loaded with funds or a phone to phone exchange of funds, the world of how we spend money at events keeps on moving ahead. Recent programs at Lollapalooza are showing that attendees are willing to load cash from their bank account onto a wristband prior to attending the show. Early reports show that one in three attendees used that option at Bumbershoot. Reports indicate there were a few minor issues, yet the overall customer feedback was positive. The big question still to be answered is how and if this lifts on-site spending at the event.

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