festival technology

Festival technology panel hihghlights. Discussed the importance of building a venue around the people not the product. Insomniac marketing director spoke on this. It is not just a tool, it allows you to manage crowd control. Streaming is the new trent in engagement via mobile apps like Ahloompa. You can lay event timelines over act postings by fans, control brand activations and social cashless. you can use smart data social wifi to broadcast where you are precisely at the event. next trend that is coming is wifi aware. this will allow and make networks more able to do all of the data. Firechat was mentioned as was the mesh network. There is still the big issue in the outdoor usage. Battery life…bluetooth…using up that life.
Panel included Serge Grimaud from INtellitix, JOe Costanzo of Signal Share,James Lansford of Wireless Standards, and Betty Tran-Chillino EVP Marketing for Imsoniac.

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