Over 150 expo centers, conference centers, fairgrounds, and college stadiums since 1993 have worked with GF Strategies to develop programs to increase food sales at these venues. Our guidance is based on comprehensive market, financial and per capita spending analyses.

Allison Williams Testimonial

Allison Williams Testimonial

Art Larrance Testimonial

Art Larrance Testimonial

Company President Greg Flakus started working with venues in 1986 at Portland Meadows Racetrack in Portland,Oregon. Since then, GF Strategies has worked with clients as diverse as the California Fair Industry, the Oregon Events Center, the Lane Events Center in Eugene, Oregon, Western Idaho Expo, Clark County Events Center, San Mateo Expo Center, Houston Livestock Show, San Diego County Del Mar Fairgrounds, Tulsa Expo Square, Cowlitz Conference Center and Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds and Expo Center. Please contact us via email for more information about our services, or by phone at (360) 573-7027.


To Fair and Exposition Managers: I am writing this letter to strongly recommend GF Strategies to you. Since 1999 this firm, and its President Greg Flakus, has managed our food and beverage auditing during the annual Clark County Fair. However, his major focus has been to work with us all year round to consult on how we can increase our sales. As a result, these sales have risen from $1,168,000 in 2003 to $1,488,000 in 2008.

“We worked with Greg Flakus to select our new year-around food service company. It was a smooth transition with their assistance. The change has been a positive one for us.” –  Chris Carpenter CEO San Mateo Expo Center San Mateo, CA

“Greg Flakus worked with the Show to enhance our food and beverage management system. The result was a system that vendors could work with and led to a significant increase in revenues for the show and continues to do so each year.” –Skip Wagner CEO Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Reliant Center Houston, Texas

“Our food and beverage sales were declining at our main event. Mr. Flakus helped us to remodel our entire grounds layout for food service. The new layout has led to expanding revenues each year.” -Joe BarkettCEO Cow Place San Francisco, California

GF Strategies programs work. Payments on food sales increased, our layout led to higher patron purchases and the customer response to the changes made was very positive.” -Peter Mott Portland Rose Festival Portland Oregon

“We have worked with GF Strategies and Greg Flakus since 1994. Our gross food and beverage revenues have increased by 35% based on the annual recommendations made by the firm. Every year a new idea has worked to increase our revenues” -Lane County Events Center Eugene, Oregon

“The recommendations Mr. Flakus made in his detailed report helped increase revenues from our annual Fair. His program will be used each year to help us manage our food vendors and improve our operations.” -General Manager Alaska State Expo Center, Palmer, Alaska

Greg Flakus worked with us on a total redesign of our food service operations. The returns from this program have risen each year. I highly recommend them. -Manager Tulsa State Expro SquareTulsa, Oklahoma