GF Strategies provides our customers with the following services:


  • Selection of Food and Beverage Providers
  • Writing of Venue Request For Proposal for Food Service
  • Negotiation of Agreement with Food Service Provider
  • On site visits to Study Current Food Service Operations
  • Menu and Point of Service Enhancement Studies
  • Pricing and Menu Recommendations
  • Changes to Point of Sale for Increasing Gross Revenues
  • Traffic Flow and Customer Buying Pattern Analysis
  • Design Layout and Service Points for Food Service

Book larger net profits from your food sales operation.

Achieve greater per capita spend

The profit potential of foodservice operations is often underestimated.

GF-Strategies-Tracking-SystemMeet profit goals

This moneymaking segment can be instrumental in achieving your specific goals for return on investment. A successful facility maximizes its food and beverage sales on each and every event.

Satisfy a variety of markets

Different customer groups – convention attendees, trade show visitors, staff, and general public for special events – make different demands upon you. To satisfy them all, you must be able to innovate, create, and merchandise deliverable food products throughout your facility. Your foodservice operation must be flexible enough to respond to fluctuations in demand and changing trends.

Enhance event experience

GF Strategies understands these changes. Through analysis of your specific situation, we assist you in planning the food and beverage concepts, determining the proper product mix, and allocating the spatial requirements. We provide designs for you foodservice operations, materials storage and distribution, and waste removal.

SERVICES-F&B-Revenues-1Maximize your ability to book your facility for a variety of events.

Because of our foodservice operations experience, we do not overlook the concerns of staffing levels, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the layout of specification of equipment.

Attract an effective management team

GF Strategies provides successful foodservice solutions while addressing the complex political, regulatory, and community concerns confronting today’s convention center management. Whether you are in the planning phase of full operational, make GF Strategies a part of your team.