Arena Managers and Cashless Events

October 2, 2015


Greg Flakus from GF Strategies was a speaker on a recent panel on cashless events at this annual meeting in St Louis. The main points made by Mr. Flakus were that the emergence of phones that are equipped with some kind of payment system and the technology called NFC or near field communications will see major growth in cashless payments at events nationwide. The panel discussed the needfor venues to be sure they have installed the equipment needed to be sure they have great wireless service around the venue.  The San Francisco 49ers are one of the leaders in allowing cashless payments at their Levis Stadium. The move to cashless events will lead to added per spend, more information on buying patterns by ticket holders and other metrics that can be studied and monetized, said Flakus.

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MObile ordering tap and go station in action

MObile ordering tap and go station in action

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